Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit

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What Is An Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit?

The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (E.A.A.) is the mastermind process of violence expert Susan Murphy Milano that combines video taping (of the victims actual words attesting to the abuse) coupled with creative witnessed and notarized legal documents that successfully satisfy legal hurdles often faced in these cases. A unique packaging of testimony, documentation, perpetrator historical profiling, and pre-collected evidence delivered to established safe and legal persons, wrap this delicate issue up for successful prosecution.

Born out of the Stacy Peterson case, the E.A.A. was created to insure that the victim’s words about her fears and previous violence will not disappear if she does.

Who Should Be Trained To Use This Process?

“The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit contains information that is critical to help victims’ in documenting their experiences and creating a record to insure that instances of abuse are memorialized should they be needed for future use in the legal system” (Donna Pendergast is the First Assistant Attorney General Office of Special Investigations in Lansing Michigan. In her career she has successfully tried over 100 murder cases. She has been featured on such shows as 60 minutes, Dateline NBC, True Hollywood Story, Justice and Cold Case Files)

Any person who is likely to have contact with victims of domestic violence and the desire to be a point-of-contact for life saving documentation can be trained.

  •  Law Enforcement 
  •  Victim Advocates 
  •  Attorneys and Para Legals
  •  Therapists 
  •  Domestic Violence Agencies 
  • Women’s Organizations 
  •  Social Service workers 
  • Emergency Room Personnel 
  •  Public Health Nurses 
  • 911 Responders 
  • Jails 
  •  Court Personnel 
  • Prosecutors/State Agencies 
  •  Private Physicians 
  •  College Campus Personnel 
  •  Clergy